kabinetrakyat.com – “Police came to my house and asked for my diploma. Who reported me? Who’s causing trouble?” Bima said, as quoted by Pikiran-rakyat.com from the TikTok account @awbimaxreborn on Friday, April 14, 2023.

He shared that even his father, who is a civil servant, was contacted by a local official and compelled to surrender his personal information. “My father is a grade III government employee. My mother funded 99 percent of my education in Australia. But today, the Bupati (regent) of East Lampung summoned my father, and there were police officers profiling people in my area,” Bima explained.

Despite this, Bima Yudho maintains that he is not afraid since his studies overseas are not sponsored by the government, neither local nor central, through scholarship programs. “It’s ridiculous because they demanded my private data. So, I told them to send me the request, so they know that I’m not studying on someone else’s dime. I even gave them all my addresses in Australia. What’s the point? Do they want to arrest me for speaking out?” Bima Yudho asserted.

He never expected that criticizing the local government would put his family’s safety in Indonesia in jeopardy. He shared that his father, who works as a civil servant, was insulted by a regent. Bima was moved to tears as he expressed his concern about the situation that his family is facing.

“The regent actually told my dad that he shouldn’t be educating his child, just because I criticized Lampung . Now, it’s my parents who are facing serious threats, and that’s why I feel safer and freer to express myself here,” said Bima, as tears streamed down his face.

“In fact, I’m doing okay here, but it was my dad who was threatened, and he even cried when he told me,” he added.

On April 13, 2023, Bima Yudho Saputro caught the attention of Indonesian netizens after posting a 3.28-minute video criticizing the development of his birth province, Lampung . He mentioned the factors that had caused the delay in Lampung ‘s development and called out some individuals as “Dajjal” (evil). Bima Yudho attributed the lack of progress in Lampung Province to corruption, collusion, and nepotism (KKN) in the province. Additionally, he criticized the incompetence of the education system in Lampung , which has resulted in poor human resources.***

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